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Elective Wellness Care Program at Absolute Health Clinic

At our office, we believe that everyone deserves the right to experience their highest potential of health. The widely accepted medical view of health supports health care and insurance programs that focus on sickness, injury and illness after they have occurred.  Once the crisis care is complete and symptoms are relieves, care stops. Our approach is different. As a holistic alternative to this view, we offer a wellness care plan encompassing both sick and well patient care for adults and children.

The program is available to patients or families who enter our office as sick patients or well patients who complete the initial visit recommendations.  Our wellness care plan is a completely elective and anyone can choose it for themselves and/or their family as long as the conditions below are met.

Conditions of Absolute Health Clinic’s Wellness program:

  1. The program requires yearly family membership in ChiroHealth, PCD and other programs
  2. If the patient suffers injury and/or if the doctor’s clinical opinion is that there has been a return to sick patient care status, the fee you’re paying for the wellness membership will go towards your copay or sick patient fee schedule.
  3. The patient understands and agrees that, at the present, insurance companies do not cover wellness care. Therefore, this office will not, and the patient shall not submit any claims for reimbursement of wellness care
  • Patients must complete the recommended educational programs used at this office as well as any home care recommendations.
  • Patients must pay on time, pre-pay, or may choose a recurrent billing option. If not, they will revert to the sick patient care fee schedule.
  • While participating in the wellness program, should the patient’s status become third party pay, the patient will be transferred back to sick patient care and the sick patient care fee schedule. Upon release from sick patient care, they may once again be eligible for the wellness program. The doctor’s examination will determine this
  • Should an individual patient’s care become third party pay, the wellness care plan can remain in effect for the remaining family members
  • Each visit will include and will usually be limited to strictly elective clinical activity

What is included in this program?

  • State of the art Chiropractic techniques and adjustments at the office.
  • Massage therapy, provided by a licensed massage therapist at the office.
  • A continuing Chiropractic health education program for you and your family to improve your knowledge and responsibility for your own and your family’s health and wellness.
  • Ongoing Chiropractic well patient care designed to allow you and your family the ongoing pursuit of optimal health and wellness.
  • The reduction, elimination, control and prevention of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

What is NOT included in this program

  • Any guarantee that we can prevent or cure any illness, injury or disease
  • Any health supplies, durable health equipment, rehabilitation services or dietary supplements.
  • Any other services, including but not limited to laboratory tests or radiological review by outside consultants
  • Any condition covered by an existing insurance. This includes any services this office may render for work-related injuries covered under Worker’s Compensation, personal injury and other third party pay coverage, including any pending litigation

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What is Health Benefits of Massage? Massage Types.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage is a particular sort of massage therapy that focuses on the muscles and fascia in the body. By utilizing firmer pressure and deliberate, deep strokes, this massage modality treats a range of physical disorders. Deep tissue massage is often used to help patients who have suffered from accidents, or sports injuries. The therapist uses thumbs, hands, forearms and even at time massage tools to increase circulation in muscles that are under or overused.  Not only for injury, Deep Tissue also treats chronic muscle tension all over the body, and is often used to break up scar tissue deep in the muscle belly. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy effectively treats pain and inflammation associated with:

  • Sprains & Strains
  • Upper and Lower Back Pain
  • Shoulder & Knee disorders
  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Disc Issues
  • Sciatica
  • Tendonitis & Tendonosis
  • Foot & Ankle Conditions


Circulatory (“Swedish”) Massage

This type of massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in America and Europe.  At times it can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and stimulating. The therapist lubricates the skin with oil or special massage lotion and performs various long vertical, circular and kneading strokes as well other techniques.  These movements warm up the muscles, and reduce tension.  Swedish/Circulatory massage assists circulation by increasing oxygen in the bloodstream and body tissues.  It is often used to reduce stress and general fatigue as well as promote an overall feeling of well being.

Circulatory massage is often used to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Circulate lymph fluid and reduce swelling
  • Treat insomnia
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Boost the immune system
  • Help with digestion and relief of gas, bloating or elimination


Sports Massage

Originally created to improve athletic performance, sports massage is growing in recognition as a important resource for any sport-related injuries or limited flexibility for patients of all ages and fitness levels.  Sports massage main focus is on troubled spots, like shoulder soreness after a volleyball games or a tender hamstrings just before a marathon.  Sports massage therapists understand sport-related injuries and can help to relieve pain, cut healing time in half and enable clients to perform their best with joints operating at full range of motion.

Sports massage involves the isolation of a muscle or groups of muscles.  The Therapist will often perform stretching in any number of ways – with client participation, or passive/subtle movements. Sports Massage is often done pre and post- sporting events.  Pre – event it helps to warm up muscles by increasing circulation. While post-event it is often used to aid in healing from intense physical exertion.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is a form of bodywork and movement originally developed in Thailand. It is rooted in the ancient medicine systems of China and Southeastern Indo-Asia, and has been influenced greatly by classical yoga. The recipient changes into loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a futon or massage table.

Thai Massage helps to increase plasticity of the muscles and joints. It also promotes a steady flow of energy thereby allowing for full relaxation, and a general feeling of peace. This effect is often achieved through the use of fluid movement, mindful technique on behalf of the therapist, and deep breathing exercise.

Thai yoga massage works in a similar way to regular yoga poses. As participants hold a pose, blood slows to targeted areas. When the yogi releases the pose, fresh circulation rushes back into the area. Twisting and inverted Thai yoga massage positions, such as plough, shoulder stand and spinal twist, are particularly effective in refreshing circulation. According to “Yoga Journal,” Thai massage poses can help with lymphatic drainage, the return of blood to the heart and digestion.


Trigger Point Therapy

Often referred to as a “knot”, a trigger point is a part of a muscle that is unnecessarily tight. This point often is the cause of discomfort in other areas of the body. They often arise from various causes: Nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, past untreated or undertreated strain/sprains, traumatic injuries, improper posture, spinal misalignment, overexertion, emotional causes and more.

Often an active trigger point in the upper back, for example, may cause referring pain up to the shoulder area. Which may radiate pain into the head and cause chronic migraines.  Trigger point pain may be sharp and stabbing in nature, but may also feel dull and achy.

Trigger point massage therapy is particularly good at lessening the source of the pain by utilizing a sequence of pressure and release along with proper breathing. The outcomes and effects of trigger point therapy are a physical letting go of contracted parts of the muscles hence easing pain.




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