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What Patients Say – Chiropractic Office Reviews

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes on June 29th and from being a borderline diabetic from A1C of 6.1 to a 7.7, I knew I had to do something because I don’t like to take medication due to a fact that side-effect really gets to me and causes another problem than what I already had. I go to Absolute Health Clinic for chiropractic services that Dr. Dimitri offered for a different issues that I have and I mentioned about my recent diagnosis that my Internal Medicine Doctor made and I have to take a diabetic medication due to my elevated A1C. Absolute Health Clinic is not an ordinary doctor’s office that you go to that you walked in and you walked out and not know the difference from other offices you been though and which I have by having to visit many times for the last 30 years.

Dr. Dimitri is interested in your entire well being by making you feel comfortable mentally and physically. Finding doctors like him these days is hard to come by. Trust me, I know and you should see for yourself. All staff are well trained and very professional in every way. Dr. Dimitri introduced me to Ideal Protein Program for Medical Weight Loss to work on lowering my glucose and possibly reversing it. Within the 1st week being in the program, I lost 10 lbs (according to my home scale) and the clinic scale, I lost 7 lbs in one week as I followed the diet he had prepared for me according to my needs and basically not too concerned about my weight but the glucose to go down and keep it down. Within the last 2 months of being in Ideal Protein diet, my life had changed dramatically. I no longer feel stressed out about my glucose and gradually moved towards the reversal of my diabetes as I took upon myself and decided not to take my pills that was prescribed by my other Doctor. My glucose is remarkably lower and it made me very happy. At the moment, my average glucose on a daily basis is 120 which is an A1C of 5.8 without taking my medication for diabetes.

So, my experience with Ideal Protein is amazing and was so happy with the outcome within 6 weeks. Glucose from average of 174 to 120 (main goal) Other test results that was way beyond my expectations are: Cholesterol of 193 to 151; Bad cholesterol from 96 to 60; Good cholesterol meet the average requirement; and From wearing clothes of Size 10 to Size 6. And as they say, ‘YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING’ and Dr. Dimitri will help you achieve the goal that you set for yourself. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy your life to the fullest then take advantage of what you learn from Dr. Dimitri and try the Ideal Protein Diet that their clinic has to offer and don’t is too short and so much to enjoy when your healthy, I highly recommend it.*

– Milah Hernandez, Arlington Heights

Best massage so far from Jack, thanks again Lou.*

– Luism, Arlington Heights, IL (Demandforce)

Relaxing environment and excellent massage – the therapist targeted my problem areas and was very thorough! *

– sandya, Buffalo Grove, IL (Demandforce)

The staff is amazing! Services are top notch as well! *

– andream, Arlington Heights, IL (Demandforce)

It was my second set of treatments at Absolute Health Clinic after 8 months. I’m glad that I got back. The staff is nice, friendly and very helpful. I always like their realistic approach. *

– cigdem, Arlington Heights, IL (Demandforce)

First time I was here 10 years ago with serious back problem. Back pain, limitation of movements made my life miserable. I thought my problems are going to be with me forever. After the first time of therapy here, I start feeling much better. Of course, one time was not enough to completely solve my problem, but since that time I knew that my problems are treatable. The time past, my back hasn’t t given me such problem, but right now I know where I have to go if I have this kind of problem. I also recommend Absolute health clinic to all my family members and my friends, and so far I only see the happy faces after treatment here. These guys are the best. *

– Alexandr Kushnir

I have been coming to Absolute for many years. I have also referred family members to them because of the outstanding work they do. From back pain, to sprained ankles they have always helped me get relief. There is nothing worse then not being able to walk or function and it gives me peace of mind knowing that I have good help if and when I need it. *

– Yevi Goz

I’m in love with AHC, 2 wks ago I could hardly walk when I came in, they put me on the table and worked magic, the chiropractic side does multiple treatments to get you back on your feet. And with the friendly staff, time flies by. It’s also nice bc the Dr here isn’t trying to take your money (unlike some other places), He gives you the tools and knowledge to help yourself. I’m willing to drive out of my way bc the out come is amazing! #painfree *

– Christy K., Arlington Heights, IL

They are absolutely great!
Very good, knowledgeable, friendly staff! Doctors are wonderful too and know what they’re doing, whether you’re there for massage, acupuncture or whatever other services they offer. I never realized how many problems can be fixed with acupuncture before I came to Absolute Health. *

– Vladens A., Mt Prospect, IL

I love love love coming here!!! A few weeks ago I couldn’t get out of bed; I called in sick and hoped that it would just go away, but the next morning it was no better. I couldn’t sit for more than a couple of minutes and couldn’t handle laying in bed all day. The doctors here knew exactly what to do. Doctors were great, knowledgeable and professional. The office staff is always helpful, caring and ready to accommodate. I live in the City and this place is around a 30 min drive but I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else ever. *

– Nouha S., Chicago, IL

Place were you get best massage. Staff are very friendly and helpful. They really understand the problem and help us. *

– Selvamoorthy K., Arlington Heights, IL

Great clinic with wonderful staff. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Likterev’s for over 6 years and my family sees him too. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. After tearing ligaments in my ankle, he was the first call I made. After several weeks of therapy and rehab, I was able to get out of my cast and be on my happy way. In another instance, my mom had foot surgery and came back here for her therapy and rehab. She is forever grateful to the skilled massage therapists for her speedy recovery. *

– Maria L., Wheeling, IL

This place is great, it’s conveniently located near the Walgreens on Arlington heights road and palatine. The staff was so helpful, they explained everything and answered all of my questions, they seemed very well trained and professional. I was also impressed by all the different types of therapy they offer, I went in for a massage and I loved it! Julie is awesome, I will be going back.*

– Mike G. Round Lake, IL

I’ve been receiving chiropractic services at Absolute Health Clinic for many years for my back, knee and neck problems caused by skiing and have gotten great results from the treatments topped with great customer service from all the employees. All appointments were always followed up and reminders were sent, as well as walk in was available when I scheduled last minute. I would highly recommend the clinic for chiropractic treatments and have referred all my family and friends. *

– Inessa S., Glenview, IL

I have been having several bad sport injuries for a while. Only after I started visiting Absolute Health Clinic I actually started seeing improvement. My pain has decreased enough for me to be able to work out with weights properly, without taking easy on myself. Right combination of treatments, and first of all proper diagnostics, resulted in such a significant decrease in pain. I hope in a several weeks I will forget about my injuries completely. *

– Sergey Voynov, Chicago

“After finding out that I had a herniated disc, I went to Absolute Health Clinic to see what they could do for me. Dr. Rashid examined me and gave me all my options. I walked in with horrible pain that awakened me multiple times every night, I walked out painless and couldn’t be happier with the doctor I chose. Thank you.” *

– Igor B., Elk Grove Village

“I woke up and my neck was in a lot of pain . I thought I slept wrong and it will go away. But it didn’t. So I looked this clinic up on Google and scheduled a massage. After being examined by doctor Likterev, I found out I needed chiropractic help, not just a massage. After receiving few treatments, I was amazed at how much better my neck felt and how painless the treatments were. The clinics flexible schedule allowed me to come in at any time of the day, which was a great help with my crazy schedule.” *

– Roman A., Chicago

“My attorney referred me to see a chiropractor at Absolute Health Clinic. After getting treatment, my whiplash was gone and my pain in my neck was completely gone. Everyone was so nice and friendly too.” *

– Amanda J., Wheeling

“It wasn’t like any ordinary doctor office. I came in, and the staff automatically got me started and I saw the doctor within the first 5 minutes! The doctor was really thorough and after my first two treatments, I was surprised at how much better I was feeling. Very fast and efficient!” *

– Melissa S., Arlington Heights

Absolute Health Clinic is one of the best clinics I’ve been to by far! Not only can I receive my therapy there but I can also receive a massage and a facial all in one visit! The convenient location and friendly staff make it a place I would definitely return to. All in all my visit there was a perfect 10.*

– A Google User



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