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Evaluation of Medical History

After a thorough examination by a chiropractor, there are many treatment options that can help relieve your headaches and keep them away. The chiropractor may perform an adjustment allowing for your joints to realign and decrease inflammation.

Acupuncture as Headache Treatment

Another option to alleviate headaches is using acupuncture. Acupuncture uses really thin needles to stimulate certain points in your body to help decrease the frequency and strength of headaches.

Physical & Massage Therapy

Muscle manipulation maybe used to decrease the muscle tension, improve circulation, and get rid of any spasms in the neck area that may be causing the headaches. This technique helps to improve your range of motion and posture.

Diet and Supplement Consultation

There is evidence that showed an anti-inflammatory diet with the correct combination of supplement can decrease the effects or duration of migraines.


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